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Groups come together formally or informally, and they may do this according to a pattern, regularly or irregularly, frequently or infrequently. Some groups meet once then disperse, some might never actually meet as a group, but operate as a formal or informal network.

What happens – or does not happen – within any group is vital to its success. Member behaviour must satisfy certain conditions for any group or team to be effective.

Teams are a special kind of group, usually formal, and they are marked by some special distinguishing features – for example, sports teams usually have a coach, captain, and selector; they’re in competition with at least one other team, and they are usually limited in size.

Profiles for People is useful when working with groups and teams, for much the same reasons in both cases. It measures and displays dynamic behaviours which, when examined, can help to explain why the group is – or is not – effective. You need to understand group and team behaviours in relation to their unique situation or task.

And teams, especially, are formed according to the kind of game or sport they play, or the aims of the organisation they’re part of. For example, some “teams” are made up of people who exercise their skills individually, such as tennis players representing their local club. In other teams, members support each other, such as formal teams within a business context.

When teams or groups are not as effective as they could be, Profiles for People shows why and produces a model of team or group behaviour. The people concerned may then be developed around that model. Consider the following list. It show just some of the possible uses for Profiles for People as a team-building application.

  • Select effective team members
  • Train, coach & manage the team
  • Drop & replace team members
  • Allocate positions & roles
  • Develop team strategies & tactics
  • Manage team morale
  • Improve members’ self-awareness
  • Cultivate self-management
  • Foster self-improvement
  • Enable personal choices

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