Improve decision-making

Making decisions: Profiles for People delivers high-quality, reliable and consistent information, needed for managerial and personal decisions that affect the respondents individually or in groups. It also defines the decision process people use so you can assess the quality of their process, to find strengths and areas for improvement.

“I know you believe you understand what you thought I said,
but I think you don’t realise that what you heard is not what I meant.”

As well as identifying ways of understanding and improving communication (especially through the Transactions profile), Profiles for People contributes to ease of communication about people, excluding most of the subjective elements that creep into assessments that rely on personal judgment – where often several people each have their own separate opinion.

One of Profiles for People’s unique aspects is the communicating rate, illustrated by variances in response time between any two or more respondents. The communicating rate shows that a quick-deciding person spends less time on communicating than a slow-to-choose person requires.

People with quick response times invariably need to take more time to make sure they understand – and are being understood.

The “plain language” Profile Reports are easy for managers to follow, as well as being understood easily by the respondents themselves. Common understanding is a part of better communication.

Motivating: The profile system displays some proven, practical concepts affecting motivation, and some new ideas. For example, you will see how Activity Interests switch people on or off, and how to feed the “self-motivation” of others while taking away obstacles to progress and enjoyment.

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