Organisational Interventions

Intervention is a positive action taken by design to influence a situation, the course of events, or people’s behaviours. Behaviour Modification and Behaviour Modelling are examples of specific interventions but, when applied on a broad front, the process may extend over a long period and become complex.

Often organisational interventions are less positive than the situation demands because factors affecting circumstances, events and personal behaviours are hidden, or inadequately defined and described.

Profiles for People provides definition, reveals hidden influences and identifies potential sticking points. More than that, it shows how and where to intervene. The Action Style factors are useful when devising strategies and tactics – it is a planning tool as well as being diagnostic.

An intervention requires the active participation of the people who will be affected by it. They contribute to change by being involved in the whole process – assessing current perceptions, considering and devising alternatives, and collaborating on ways and means of inducing change.

You may re-sample selected surveys at any point during or after the intervention process, to take snapshots of trends in the change process. This ensures that you stay on track, by reinforcing your results or by adjusting the action steps.

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