Tune the work environment

Profiles for People is useful to you in three ways when you’re dealing with the work environment. You can:

  1. Compare individual behaviours with environmental factors
  2. Assess the internal environment of your organisation or any component part
  3. Compare the organisation’s style with what you know of the external environment.

Some situations and roles require an individual person to be passive and compliant, while others require a person who is enthusiastic and, perhaps, “a stirrer”. Profiles for People delivers ample information to let you match people with the circumstances they will work in.

Alternatively where there seems to be some stress between a person and his or her environment, you can determine the cause and effect relationships that contribute to the stress, then plan and take corrective action.

By combining the profile information of any group or class of people, or for the whole organisation, you can draw an accurate picture of the internal environment of your sample. You may then explore the usefulness of the internal environment and decide to sustain or modify it.

You can sustain the environment by introducing people who are consistent with it, or gradually change it by introducing people whose behaviors are inconsistent with the environment yet likely to be productive.

When you understand the various behaviors within your organisation, you are in a position to compare them with external conditions.

For example, a firm that had a “steady does it, don’t rock the boat” approach in good times, found itself losing market share and sliding out of profitability during a general slump. No matter how hard they tried they could not wish themselves out of trouble. But with Profiles for People they isolated vital performance deficiencies that, when corrected, enabled them to survive and prosper even though external conditions did not alter.

Well, should the internal environment be warm, supportive and encouraging? Or should it be stimulating, potentially hazardous and rewarding only to those who contribute? The answers to these questions and others like them must come from within the organisation itself. But the answers come more easily and more clearly when managers have the clearly defined information given by Profiles for People.

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